Award-Winning Shower Pod

NJL’s MOJ-approved and patented shower pod is award-winning!

It was announced at Grosvenor House in London on Monday 16th October at the IWFM Impact Awards 2023.

Our MOJ shower pod won the award for the Workplace and Facilities Management Excellence Workplace Experience: Non-office/Corporate Environment.

The award focuses on the amazing work that takes place in a non-office/corporate environment and celebrates people, projects and/or initiatives which have delivered an outstanding experience for all of those who interact within this space.

Entries had to demonstrate how people, projects and/or initiatives had positively impacted the workplace experience, including for example the embedding of culture and values, promoting business growth, improving efficiency and/or productivity, increasing employee engagement, improving health and wellbeing, and delivering greater customer satisfaction.

For further details on the IWFM Impact Awards click here.

We are delighted to have won this award with Amey, working together to deliver award-winning results! Click here to find out more about the shower pod project.

For further details on our award-winning shower pod please click here.

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