Drugs Interceptor Unit Installed in Prison Cells

NJL has designed and installed a Drugs Interceptor Unit into cells within a London-based prison to prevent drugs from being taken into the establishment by new prisoners.

Initially, prisoners are held in the modified cells to allow several natural body cycles. The drugs interceptor unit is concealed within a secure duct, it captures and holds solids that ordinarily may pass through the WC pan before it enters the drainage system. Personnel can easily inspect the solids via a specialist hatch to see if there are any drugs present and the unit may then be cleaned via a specialist water discharge unit within the interceptor itself.  All precautions have been taken to protect the personnel operating the unit, making it both safe and easy for them to use.

NJL’s Drugs Interceptor Unit is suitable for use in all UK prisons, it can be fitted into an existing cell as part of a partial refurbishment project or into new cells. If you would like further information, please contact NJL on 0845 450 5904 or email [email protected].

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