Immigration Removal Centre Furniture Installation

Another successful Immigration Removal Centre furniture installation by NJL. Our experienced manufacturing and installation team installed furniture in 172 bedrooms in just 35 working days…what at team!

Each room contained a desk, beds, tv shelf, and wardrobes along with some of the associated soft furnishings.

The furniture range “CastleGrade” is designed with safety in mind whilst maintaining a bedroom feel. It is manufactured from fire-rated compact grade laminate. All accessible edges are chamfered, and panels are trenched in to give extra strength. The furniture is mechanically fixed to the floor and walls using screws and plugs and all visible fixings are made with security screws. All wall and floor junctions are then sealed with non-pick mastic.

Our furniture is designed with safety in mind and built to last. For further details on NJL’s Immigration Removal Centre furniture please go to, call sales on 0845 450 5904, or email [email protected].

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