CastleSafe Plus – next generation custodial furniture

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new CastleSafe Plus range of custodial furniture.

It is designed to meet the specific demands of Safer Cell environments, where occupants can be disruptive and where self-harm is a risk. CastleSafe Plus is an evolution of our popular CastleSafe range, but with a host of unique, game-changing features.

Every piece has been re-engineered and manufactured using an innovative solid surface material. It offers unrivaled robustness and durability and is easy to maintain and repair.

When in contact with natural and artificial light, this new solid surface material purifies the air, expels harmful bacteria, and is easily cleaned. The material is also non-porous and can stand in 10mm of water with no damage or deterioration. Then there’s the fact that it can withstand a half tonne of force, including upward force on a desktop.

The entire range complies fully with the Ministry of Justice Technical Standards issued in March 2019.

Jamie Greenwood, Managing Director of NJL, said of the new range: “The demands placed on furniture in custodial environments are extremely high. Drawing on our vast expertise and building on the success of our CastleSafe range, we created CastleSafe Plus. It sets the bar even higher in terms of safety, durability, and function of Safer Cell furniture. This range is the latest example of our continued commitment to the pursuit of innovation and excellence.”

The CastleSafe Plus range is available now, only from NJL, for further information click here

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