NJL’s In Cell Shower Pod Improves Decency in Prison

NJL’s In Cell Shower Pod has been developed to improve decency in prison. It is self-contained and fits perfectly into any prison cell. Each pod has its own inbuilt shower, ligature resilient curtain, WC, wash hand basin, vanity mirror, shelf, and extract ventilation.

Our shower pod is designed to be safe and secure. It is robust, made from a stainless steel frame and outer wall and all components are ligature resilient and fire rated. As with all our furniture it is tested and approved by the Ministry of Justice.

NJL’s In Cell Shower Pod is quick to assemble onsite which reduces the amount of time a cell is offline. They integrate with existing services and have secure removable access panels for ease of servicing. An electronic control box ensures that water usage is fully programmable to prevent over-use or flooding.

They have been successfully installed at several prisons throughout the UK. Prisoners have benefited from improved decency, which in turn has led to positive behaviour changes. The Prisons have also gained from reduced risks and time associated with moving prisoners to communal showers.

For more information go to In Cell Shower Pod or call sales on 0845 450 5904.

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