Safer cell furniture

Jamie Greenwood, Managing Director of NJL has been providing MOJ approved safer cell furniture for over 18 years. He shares some of his expertise and explains the importance of using safer cell furniture for demanding environments.

“Our furniture has been designed and developed to be used in environments where it will be tested to the full. It’s crucial that it doesn’t fail as the result could be a loss of life so we take our responsibility very seriously.

“If the furniture breaks, any by-products of the damage could be used for self-harm or injury to others, so we use an exceptionally robust resin material, in a unique way.

“NJL’s furniture is seamless without any sharp edges or ledges and is resilient to impact.

“Specialist mastic that cannot be easily removed is used to conceal any furniture wall and floor junctions. This could otherwise be used as a ligature point or to conceal something for self-harm.”

Jamie highlights the importance of the material being flame retardant:

“It is crucial that the material does not burn. It is also essential that the material, when subject to a naked flame, does not emit toxic odours. Smoke inhalation is often more life-threatening than the fire itself, particularly in a confined space.”

Jamie continues: “In addition to the safety aspect of NJL’s furniture it is very durable and will last a long time. It is resilient to water ingress so the product doesn’t get damaged by water or other fluids. It is also hygienic and non-porous, so it can be used in clinical environments.”

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