Video Conference Booth installed in Midlands prison

NJL has installed a secure video conference booth in a high security prison in the Midlands. Working with MOJ Digital and PMA Services the booth was installed directly into a live wing in just one day. This is due to the booth being modular and requiring only a plug and secure data point.

Our client has found the booth a resounding success, saying:

“We managed to set up fine this morning and the legal appointment was completed successfully, thank you. We have another legal appointment this afternoon.

Feedback from the staff is very positive and they have mentioned how helpful it is also with regards to staffing levels and not effecting the daily running of the regime. This facility will be used frequently this week.”

The booths have been tested by the MOJ. They are extremely robust and have fantastic acoustic reduction properties in excess of 40 dB. Providing a confidential and secure environment for legal consultations.

With installation directly onto a live wing they are efficient and lowers the cost of Court appearances. As well as helping reduce movement of prisoners around the establishment and associated staffing and security requirements.

NJL’s video conference booth is available on a 4 week lead time, if you would like further information please call sales on 0845 450 5904 or email [email protected].

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